sexclub the villa: More than a sex club…

Would you like to treat yourself or your business partners to life’s finer pleasures?
In a beautiful setting and in complete privacy?

A visit to Club De Villa will then be more than worth your while. The charming and exclusive club lies tucked away in the thick, leafy forests south of Apeldoorn, thus ensuring complete discretion and privacy.

The luxurious lounge, magnificent bar, exquisite dining room and elegant suites – and of course our lovely ‘Animaîtresses’ – leave absolutely nothing to be desired.


villa  noun/ plural villas from Italian, from Latin

1. a detached house or estate that is located near Apeldoorn in a rural or countryside setting

De Villa near Apeldoorn:

1. a charming and exclusive club tucked away in the thick, leafy forests south of Apeldoorn
with a lounge, bar, dining room, suites and romantic garden

2. a suburban residence of a wealthy person, garden of earthly delights or sex club


relax  verb/ relaxes; relaxed; relaxing

relax at De Villa:

1. to chill and take it easy at De Villa

2. to relax or relieve tension at De Villa

3. to rest or enjoy earthly delights at De Villa

4. He relaxed with the Animaîtress(es) in the jacuzzi at De Villa


experience noun/ plural experiences

experience verb/ experiences; experienced; experiencing

1. The De Villa experience was a memorable one

2. He experienced pure pleasure at De Villa

3. Great sex comes with experience

4. Love/pain is a secret learned by experience

Is De Villa a sex club?

sex club / noun/ plural sexclubs

1. a club that organizes sex-related activities

2. an establishment where patrons can engage in sex acts

Club De Villa:

1. De Villa is more than a sex club and leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.

Loverhotel, Suite verhuur voor stellen


Would you like to enjoy life’s finer pleasures in complete privacy? Club De Villa’s suites can be booked for an hour, several hours or half a day. Our guests have full access to all of our facilities, can have lunch or dinner at our restaurant and enjoy a drink at our bar. Guests may also arrange to have a bottle of champagne and some culinary delights waiting for them in their suite.

Privacy and anonymity are ensured at De Villa with our discrete service and sheltered, private car park. The establishment offers a quiet and discrete environment unmatched by crowded hotels. Where better to enjoy life’s earthly delights in complete privacy than at Club De Villa.

The suite of your choice
Club De Villa offers five elegant suites, including a specially equipped BDSM room.

Please do not hesitate to call us at +31 (0)55 7370097 should you have any queries or desires.

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