Lover hotel

The villa where secret lovers and swingers to meet.

The special hotel in a wooded area near Arnhem Apledoorn and offers you and your (secret) love a luxurious gathering. Discretion is paramount. Also this rendezvous hotel has a spacious, not visible from the public road, car park. All romantic rooms are air conditioned. Room service is available. The lover hotel is open Monday through Friday from 12:00 until midnight. Saturday and Sunday by reservation only. Outside those hours only on reservation. More information:   Hotel de Villa? Located in Gelderland, where couples, second love (rs) and SDC swingers can stay a room for one or several hours. room or suite at the villa? A room in the hotel rendezvous villa, with suites Suite (hotel) The suites have a Jacuzzi, shower and toilet Love Hotel ‘The Villa’ with five luxury suites has many possibilities. Love Hotel where second lovers, couples and swingers can rent a room for one or several hours. (Short-stay hotel) Rendezvous date with secret love second-love appointment at a discreet place in the love hotel Villa Love Hotel opportunity for lovers the hotel villa, second love hotel, secret hotel, hotel lovers per hour, room rental per hour, five star hotels. rendezvous spot hotel villa in Apeldoorn’s throw from Arnhem and Utrecht. room rental per hour, per day or half a day.

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